Vulcanized O-Rings (or Spliced O-Rings) are great for a custom design or a unique size that is not included on the standard charts. We have a wide variety of o-ring cord materials that can be spliced and vulcanized to your specifications. Butt, Bevel, Corner, Step or Molded Splices are available depending on your project needs.Rubber extrusions may be converted to endless gaskets with a variety of vulcanization methods.

Vulcanization is a process which uses heat, rubber adhesive, pressure and time to chemically bond the two ends together. There are a variety of joints which can be bonded.

Round cord or irregular profiles may be vulcanized to endless gaskets. Applications such as window frame gaskets, door gaskets, filter housing gaskets and lid gaskets. The uses are as unlimited as your imagination will allow.

Butt Splice – typically used for endless gaskets where there is limited or no stress at the splice

Bevel splice – if the cross sectional area does not allow for butt splice this may be used as an alternative providing more surface area for bonding

Step splice – used when a bond of maximum strength is required, yet permitting nominal deformation under compression or tension when used as a static seal

Corner Splice – used to produce gaskets of special configurations, they work well where the bond is not under strain and is a static application

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